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Trust our experts around the world to keep your Nexway DIGITAL GOODS E-commerce solution humming and optimized

  • With a presence in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, the USA, Morocco, Brazil and Luxemburg, the Nexway Global Services team offers its expert advice and hands-on support at every step in the setup and day-to-day operation of your Nexway digital goods e-commerce solution.
  • The team’s unique capabilities span IT services, marketing agency, digital catalog curation and sourcing, payment management, fraud prevention, and customer support to optimize your digital business.

Learn more about Nexway digital goods e-commerce experts around the world.


Nexway account managers have responsibility over the performance of your Nexway e-commerce solution. They act as the day-to-day liaison between your team and the other functions (IT services, catalog, agency, payment management, contact center) in the Nexway Global Services team.

Helping over 900 customers boost the performance of their digital franchise, the Nexway account management team is your trusted advisor on digital commerce strategies and best practices.


The global IT Services team at Nexway follows battle-tested processes and methodologies to build and integrate the best-in-class white label online stores, app stores, and in-app stores of its retailer and publisher clients.

A track record of success across more than 900 implementations is testimony to both the platform’s openness to back-end systems and to the professionalism of the global Nexway IT Services team.


To best service our retailer clients and to provide a profitable indirect sales channel to our publisher clients, the Nexway Digital Content team has brought together and curates one of the world’s broadest online catalogs of cross-platform games, apps, and software that now includes over 17,000 premium titles.


One of the few marketing agencies with a global presence and a focus on enabling e-commerce of digital goods, the Nexway Digital Agency acts as your trusted advisor to optimize your customer acquisition, conversion, and retention processes.

The agency employs skilled online marketers who work as a global network of local teams from their offices in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, France and Japan.


All Nexway stores benefit from the company’s broad payment capabilities that let users choose from 300 different modes of payments in 110 currencies – including country-specific methods such as Boleto Bancário and installment payments in Brazil, Konbini™ payments in Japan, bank checks in France, SEPA throughout Europe, and Giropay™ in Germany.

Nexway managed four million transactions in 2014. The volume of payments the company manages allows Nexway to uniquely detect and quickly respond to fraud attempts.


The global Nexway contact center team delivers world-class Level 1 end-user support via both email and telephone in native Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Spanish, English, German, and French.

Nexway handles over 50,000 service tickets each month – 13,000 over the phone and 37,000 over email.

Nexway offers its full-service e-commerce solutions in thirty-five countries.

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