: Nexway now supports 110 currencies and 300 payment methods
Digital goods e-commerce provider now supports 110 currencies and 300 payment methods to accompany PC and Android™ publishers, device manufacturers, and online retailers into global markets

NANTERRE, France and SAN FRANCISCO, California (June 9th, 2015) – E-commerce provider Nexway announced today that its cloud platform for global e-commerce of digital PC and Android products now supports 110 currencies and 300 distinct payment methods.

With the goal of allowing publishers, device manufacturers, and online retailers to effortlessly sell premium digital products into international markets, Nexway added several top tier regional Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to its network of payment partners.

The Nexway Platform is now integrated with leading global and regional PSPs including MercadoPago™, Braspag™, Maroc Telecommerce™, GlobalCollect™, Worldline™, Adyen™, PayU™, Worldpay™, DaoPay™, and Allopass™.

“Our publisher, retailer and device manufacturer customers are turning to Nexway to help them enter new foreign markets”, says Gilles Ridel, Founder and CEO of Nexway. “To accelerate their international expansion, we have connected the Nexway Platform with new payment service providers, focusing on gaining support for mobile payment methods popular in emerging economies”, also says Gilles Ridel.

To take full advantage of the breadth of currencies and payment methods offered by its payment partners, Nexway now leverages proprietary technology that dynamically routes e-commerce transactions to the most fitting PSP, based on geography, user preference, and device.

The advanced real-time technology ensures consumers around the world who access the company’s online stores, in-app stores and app stores are always presented with the optimal choice of payment methods that best fit their online buying habits.

“A sure way to boost e-commerce conversions and subscription renewals is to offer the right payment methods to local consumers of digital products – such as Boleto Bancário™ in Brazil, Konbini™ in Japan, or carrier billing on a mobile device”, explains Gilles Ridel. “Our innovative Smart Payment Routing technology does just that, letting our customers enjoy superior e-commerce performance even as they enter new markets”, adds Gilles Ridel.

The newly announced payment capabilities are available in all Nexway e-commerce solutions. For Nexway customers who adopt a solution that spans several devices (PC, smartphone, tablet), the cross-device capabilities of the Nexway Platform allow consumers to save their payment credentials on one device for future use on another device using a secure login.

In thirty-five countries, Nexway may act as the full-service merchant of record (MOR) for its customers, handling all fiscal requirements as well as managing fraud detection and resolution via the Nexway Platform’s proprietary transaction analytics services.

About Nexway

Nexway (www.nexway.com) is a leading provider of full-service e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of digital PC software products, PC video games and Android apps. The company’s white label online stores, in-app stores and app stores boost revenue of digital software products, video games, and apps with purchase, freemium, trial, subscription and item sales revenue models. Nexway is based in Nanterre, France and has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers Orange™, Yahoo! Japan™, Kurio™, snakebyte™, Softwareload™, Best Buy™, Pão de Açúcar™, and Amazon™; and publishers Kaspersky Lab™, IMSI®/Design, Adobe™, SEGA™, Electronic Arts™, ESET™, Disney™, and AVAST Software™.

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