Monetize11 Europe by MGI Research

asknet & Nexway are both major actors in the global digital commerce, enabling digital transformation in the payment consumer experience!

Asknet’s CEO Aston Fallen and Casey Potenzone, Nexway’s Chief Strategy Officer, are participating together in Monetize11, taking place February 12, 2019 in Amsterdam. Together they will join their peers in discussing the complexities of managing payments in today’s global community.

Organized by MGI Research, Monetize 11 is the only event in Europe focused on monetization – including payments, commerce, billing, subscriptions and CPQ. This conference brings together thought leaders, business and finance executives, IT professionals, investors, analysts, and media.

Current business systems and processes are under stress as organizations adopt new business models and support more complex pricing models and payment methods to meet the demands of today’s customer. This event is an opportunity to discuss the complexities to scale and comply with local laws and market requirements and to face expanding and diversifying channels and consumer points of sale with the tools required to operate globally.

Today, both asknet and Nexway operate highly synergetic businesses with complementary technical capabilities, customer bases, and geographic footprints. Both teams are building a single, unified company creating a massive new addressable market.

Their API-driven platforms unlock the opportunities hidden in the changing face of online payments and customer behavior. asknet and Nexway allow digital business to monetize products and services through a suite of efficient, innovative yet integrated, easy to consume micro-services. Sellers can face expanding and diversifying channels and consumer points of sale with the tools required to operate globally. This provides a better conversion experience, making integration and online payments simple.

asknet and Nexway simplify the complexities of selling across the world, accelerate sales, reduce time to market and manage operating costs.

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About Nexway
Nexway is a leading provider of solutions to monetize digital businesses and connect companies to the worldwide digital market. Founded in 2002, Nexway has enjoyed rapid growth, thanks to strong and diversified partnerships. Based in Paris – La Défense, France, the company has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Poland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers FNAC-Darty™, Yahoo! Japan™, Softwareload™, Amazon™, Medion™; and publishers Kaspersky Lab™, Adobe™, 2K Games™, Big Fish™, ESET™, Avast Software™ and many others around the world.
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About Asknet

asknet AG is the 51% owned subsidiary of the Swiss-listed integrated eCommerce Services company The Native SA. Based in Karlsruhe and listed in Frankfurt, asknet AG is an e-commerce services company with 23 years of experience in the industry. Its business is comprised of global payment processing, tax management, digital marketing and customer support services to vendors of predominantly digital goods and services, and software distribution services to the European academic institutions, students and alumni.
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