Nexway, 22nd in the ranking of French Tech companies FW500 Edition 2018.

Nexway enabling digital business to monetize products & services through a suite of efficient, innovative, yet integrated, easy to consume micro-services, meeting the requirements of global payments, subscription models, and tomorrow’s customer needs.

The company has just been ranked 22nd in the ranking of French Tech companies FW500 Edition 2018, organized by magazine.

To establish the final ranking, the companies were rated on the basis of five criteria, making it possible to assess their growth potential:

Their 2017 turnover
The growth rate of their turnover
The turnover per employee ratio
The ratio of net income to turnover
A growth potential indicator, calculated on the basis of planned recruitment and fundraising (score out of 100)

The different scores were weighted to calculate an overall score for each company. The company’s business model and market data were also taken into account in the overall ranking.

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Simplify your business operations, accelerate your time-to-market and reduce your operating costs with one single e-commerce vendor. Nexway allows selling products and services online, unlocking customer conversions and simplifies payments.
Nexway manages the complexity of payments and online sales and provides the operational infrastructure necessary to scale and comply with local laws and market requirements.

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Source: FrenchWeb 500, the ranking of the 500 French Tech companies, October 2018.