Digital e-commerce leader leverages years of experience managing the subscription of millions of digital PC software and video game customers to create new dedicated practice within the Nexway Global Services team.

NANTERRE, France and SAN FRANCISCO, California (November 26, 2014) – Nexway, a leading provider of global managed e-commerce solutions for publishers and retailers of digital products, announces the creation of a global team of service professionals dedicated to supporting the company’s clients in their shift to subscription revenue models.
The formal creation of a dedicated subscription practice within the Nexway Global Services team capitalizes on years of Nexway experience managing international subscription plans for publishers and retailers of digital PC software and video games including Kaspersky Lab™, AVAST Software™ and Orange™.
Historically confined to Media and Telco industries, subscription is now strongly demanded by digital goods consumers looking for more flexible and convenient ways to consume software, video games and mobile apps.
“Successful subscription offerings combine a distinctive value proposition and a qualitative customer experience. The expertise of the Nexway Subscription Team has been key to raising the commitment of our video game players to our brand, all while lowering their churn rate over time”, says Gaël de Robien, Vice President of PC Games at Orange.
“The switch to subscription is a tremendous opportunity of development but also challenges digital publishers and their retailers as it requires fundamental changes in the way they market and deliver their digital products”, says Gilles Ridel, Founder and CEO of Nexway. “Successful companies will be those who manage to create a strongly perceived value proposition and first class customer experience”, also says Gilles Ridel.
The team led by Johanna Bar, Nexway Subscription Solutions Director, has the capability to stand by clients from the implementation of a recurring model strategy to day-to-day operational follow-up and optimization.

  • Offer and Service Definition

The team can intervene at an early stage to tailor a subscription strategy with clients and identify success drivers of each recurring model.

  • IT Capability and Project Implementation

Each subscription plan is deployed on the best-in-class cloud-based Nexway Platform for e-commerce of digital goods, offering large capabilities to manage, monitor, and perfect plans over time.

  • Global Customer Relationship Management

The Nexway team operates one-to-one marketing campaigns that take advantage of the Nexway Platform’s unique support for cross-channel email and in-app messaging to minimize churn and boost lifetime customer value.

  • Billing Management

With the ability to be merchant of record in 35 countries, Nexway manages all tax requirements for its subscription customers. Nexway lifts renewals with features such as advanced dunning management, all while helping its customers look at their business from a new perspective: the future revenue vision.
The Nexway Platform’s business intelligence tools give insights on subscription KPIs, essential to monitor a recurring business: portfolio of subscribers, renewal rate, churn, future recurring revenues and lifetime value of customers.

  • Continuous Improvement

On the basis of data collected and available through business intelligence and A/B testing tools, the Nexway team is expert in continuous optimization of its customers’ subscription strategies.

About Nexway

Nexway ( is a leading provider of  full-service e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of digital PC software products, PC video games and Android™ apps. The company’s white-label online stores, in-app stores and app stores boost revenue of digital products with purchase, freemium, trial, subscription and item sales revenue models. Nexway is based in Nanterre, France and has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, and Japan. Leading companies relying on Nexway include retailers Orange™, Yahoo! Japan™, Kurio™, Softwareload™, Best Buy™, Pão de Açúcar™, Baixaki™, and Amazon™; and publishers Kaspersky Lab™, IMSI®/Design, Adobe™, SEGA™, Electronic Arts™, ESET™ and AVAST Software™.

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