North American subsidiary of top European digital commerce provider now accounts for 25% of its global revenue

NANTERRE, France and SAN FRANCISCO, California (September 5, 2013) – Digital commerce provider Nexway announced that its North American subsidiary now accounts for 25% of its global revenue two years after its opening in San Francisco in May of 2011.

The fast growth of the company in North America comes in the wake of the company’s accelerated global expansion from its birthplace in Europe.

Europe’s Digital Commerce-as-a-Service Leader

Headquartered in France, with local subsidiaries in Europe’s key markets that include Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Luxemburg, Poland, and Switzerland, the company is now firmly established as the region’s leading provider of managed e-commerce solutions for digital publishers and their online reailers. Nexway has eleven years’ experience helping more than 800 publishers and retailers successfully market, sell and service video games, apps, and software products online.

Focused, Mature Digital Commerce Solutions

The company offers five distinctive managed digital commerce solutions, all based on its exclusive cloud platform for cross-device digital commerce.

  • Nexway Publisher Webstore

The white label digital store solution boosts customer acquisition, conversion, and retention of downloadable PC video games and software products with a purchase, subscription, or freemium revenue model.

  • Nexway In-App Store

An immersive in-product store for video games, apps and software products on Android™ and PC platforms, Nexway In-App Store allows digital publishers to convert more, sell more, and renew more. The solution grows profits of video games, apps, and software  products with freemium, trial, subscription, or item sales revenue models.

  • Nexway Publisher Distribution

The global digital distribution solution enables publishers to rapidly start selling their PC software products, PC video games, and Android™ apps in the digital stores and app stores of up to 200 leading online retailers around the world.

  • Nexway Merchant Webstore

Nexway Merchant Webstore solutions allow online retailers to rapidly start selling 15,000 premium downloadable PC video games and software titles.

  • Nexway Appstore

Nexway Appstore allows device manufacturers, communication service providers, publishers, and online merchants to rapidly deploy their own profitable, feature rich, branded white label Android™ app store on a global scale.

Accelerated Globalization

Nexway has over the past five years accelerated its global commercial expansion. The company’s dedicated subsidiary in Japan, serving Asia Pacific markets accounts for a quarter of its global revenue. The company’s subsidiary in Brazil, serving the Latin American market has strong local references that include publisher AVAST Software™ and retailer Pão de Açucar™.

North American Expansion

In May of 2011, Nexway opened a US subsidiary in San Francisco to address the North American market. Halfway through 2013, Nexway USA already accounted for 25% of the company’s revenue. Nexway attributes its accelerated North American expansion to several factors.

  • Expert Digital Commerce Services

Nexway now has expert US staff that report into the Global Nexway Services team armed with the skills needed to run and optimize cross-device digital businesses. The team’s capabilities span digital commerce advisory, IT services, digital catalog sourcing and curation, digital agency, payment management and fraud prevention, and customer support.

  • Cloud Platform for Cross-Device Commerce of Digital Products

Nexway’s North American clients leverage the company’s proprietary cloud platform for cross-device commerce of digital goods. The Nexway platform uniquely supports online commerce of downloadable PC games and software products as well as Android™ apps with a purchase, freemium, subscription or item selling revenue model via managed white label online stores, in-app stores, and app stores.

  • Marquee Publisher and Merchant References

After A/B testing the solution against alternatives, AVAST Software™ was one of the first vendor to adopt the innovative Nexway In-App Store solution in North America. Deployment of the solution on a large scale has since allowed AVAST™ to strengthen its positions in the US market, the #1 geography for its popular security software product installed on more than two hundred million devices worldwide.

“Nexway has been selected to develop an in-app store e-commerce platform on the Windows™ platform for AVAST™” says Glenn Taylor, AVAST Software™ Vice President of Sales. “Nexway challenged our existing business model and demonstrated it could increase conversion. We performed extensive A/B testing to validate the Nexway solution, closely comparing Nexway In-App Store™ results with our traditional Web-based solution. We are very excited about the relationship and continued opportunities to improve our business with Nexway”, also says Glenn Taylor.

Other marquee North American clients of Nexway now include publishers Adobe™, IMSI®/Design, Kroll Ontrack™ and merchants Amazon™ and Groupon™.

“We tasked Nexway with providing our company with a comprehensive and complex shopping cart solution under very tight deadlines. There was little to no margin for error for this project. Nexway’s team of professionals came through beautifully for IMSI®/Design, delivering a new shopping cart and digital commerce platform on time and in perfect working order. Since the launch of the new cart, we are getting better than expected rates in online order fulfillment and we look forward to launching new online sales initiatives with them”, says Bob Mayer, Chief Operating Officer of software publisher IMSI®/Design.

“We now have the local expertise and marquee customer references in place to convince other American digital publishers and their online merchants to embrace our vision for cross-device digital commerce that turns PC customers into cross-device customers”, says Gilles Ridel, Nexway Founder and CEO.

About Nexway

Nexway ( is a leading provider of global managed e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of downloadable PC software products, PC video games and Android™ apps. The company’s white label online stores, in-app stores and app stores boost revenue of digital software products, video games, and apps with purchase, freemium, trial, subscription and item sales revenue models. Nexway is based in Nanterre, France and has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers Orange™, Yahoo! Japan™, Kurio™, Softwareload™, Best Buy™, Pão de Açucar™, and Amazon™ and publishers Kaspersky™, IMSI®/Design, Adobe™, SEGA™, Electronic Arts™, ESET™ and AVAST Software™.

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