Refund policy

To place a refund, return or exchange request for the order that you placed with Nexway, you need to contact Nexway via email at or by post at the following addresses:

Nexway – Customer Support
1 Bd Amiral Courbet
CS 70002 – 30020 Nîmes Cedex


Nexway – Customer Support
236, 8th street
San Francisco, CA 94103

no later than thirty (30) days after you placed the order to Nexway, and provide your order number and the reason for your request.

Nexway will review your request, and will notify you via email of the results generally within two (2) business days. Please note that Nexway, in its sole discretion, may grant you an extension of up to thirty (30) days to refund your order.

Please note that depending on the nature of your order, you may or may not be eligible for a refund, a return or an exchange as follow:

  • When you request a refund for a product/service under subscription with or without automatic renewal.
    When you have subscribed to a product or service, Nexway systematically informs you prior to renewing your subscription. Unless otherwise specified in the related Terms and Conditions, you have thirty (30) calendar days, following the initial subscription or following the automatic renewal of the subscription, to cancel the subscription or the automatic renewal of the subscription.

    Any cancellation request received within the deadlines, gives you the right to a total refund of the sum paid.

  • If the nature of the product is such that a return is not feasible
    Certain products such as software activation keys do not allow for a return. In such cases, we are systematically requesting you to expressly waive your right of withdrawal, in accordance with Article L-221-28 paragraph 13 of the French Consumer Code. The waiver of your right of withdrawal is materialized by the mandatory “ticking” of a box displayed prior to completing your purchase stating that “I have read and I accept the Terms and Conditions of Sales. When proceeding to download or by receiving a software activation key I want to immediately access purchased content, and I therefore waive the exercise of my right of withdrawal”.


  • In case of a defective product
    In the event that Nexway is responsible or partially responsible for the delivery of a defective product, you have the right to request a cancellation or an exchange of the product during a period of up to to six (6) months following your purchase.

    Any cancellation request received within the deadlines, gives you the right to a total refund of the sum paid.

  • If you bought a product sold on a physical media
    For products sold on physical media such as a DVD or a CD, you have a period of thirty (30) calendar days after the receipt of the product to exercise your right of withdrawal. The product must be returned in its new and complete condition, not loosened and in its original packaging, at your expense, at the latest fourteen (14) days following your cancellation request to the below address:

Nexway SAS
1 avenue General de Gaulle, Tower PB5
92 074 Paris Defense Cedex

If you return the product in a simple letter and that it is lost because of the carrier, the product will be deemed not to have been returned.

This Refund Policy is part of the Nexway Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Last update: July 20, 2018